We can export all kind of lighting products, electrical material and volumes to the main countries in Europe, Africa, and South America.


Electricol is a wide range distributor of electrical materials, representing brands that guarantee quality and innovation, and above all, a partner of excellence in lighting. We are a true example of trust and rigor.

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Founded in 1957 by two electrical professionals, it was after their initial connection to the d´Ávila cables that they felt the need to have a range of products to complement their business. This need was conveyed by the market and the growing demand for electrical – and quality – material and the willingness of entrepreneurs to implement a differentiating company. The second-generation leader followed a particular specialization in the lighting sector.

EXPORT – A unique strategic position, near Europe, Africa, and both American continents!

In addition to its strategically planned presence in Portugal, the Electricol group is still present in Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and very recently in some countries of the Maghreb area and is about to expand to other African countries. “We also work a little bit across Europe and attend international fairs to keep up with new lighting trends and new led lights.”

PORTUGAL – Logistic centres in Lisbon and Oporto.

With operations directed to the large and medium installer market, in addition to its headquarters in the Frielas Industrial Zone, in the municipality of Loures (Lisbon), Electricol also has a delegation in Canelas, in Vila Nova de Gaia (Oporto), being present in two of the largest national business centres. In both locations, the group owns two industrial facilities, with 3200 square meters of a covered area at the headquarters and 1200 in the northern complex. Each has a store to welcome customers, particularly individuals and supply all kind of led lights. “After all these years, we can conclude that these were two winning goals, given the exponential development that has been seen in these areas, particularly in access, facilitating even the process of lighting exports.”

LIGHTING – Market evolution

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Electricol’s main areas are essentially lighting, electrical cables and electrical material in general. However, the group felt the need to broaden the spectrum of its activity and reinforce the excellence of its products. In order to meet what is desired by customers and to reinforce its reference position in such a competitive area: “Our core business has always been enlightenment. But when LED lighting came along, the market grew, the number of luminaire models skyrocketed and we had to equip ourselves to keep up with production needs. Given the current situation, we must continue our commitment to quality products and develop more luminaires produced with LED technology. Whether they are for professional or decorative lines”, they justify.

With regard to Emergency Lighting, Electricol is one of the few companies in the country that fully develops and builds its emergency luminaires. This includes the manufacture of electronic components: – “We ensure the entire process with impeccable final quality and without any faults”.


Over the six decades of existence, and with the evolution of the business, the company has been expanding its areas of expertise. Thus, the group initiated a set of investments in order to develop new areas of support, which fit the core business. “We have always focused on the lighting industry, but in order to meet market demands, the business has evolved into LED lighting.

Electricol Group, under the social name Damas Ferreira & Damasceno, S.A., currently offers several brands for different business areas, such as Tecniled, Emertex and Quadrimek. In addition, it owns the company Henrique & Filipe, Lda., responsible for luminaires production and electronic devices manufacturing. With this assembly line, we are in a position to produce and adapt any luminaire according to customer needs. For example, we electrify empty luminaires, because most imports of ready-made luminaires do not always have the desired quality”, as they explain.

We offer a wide range of electrical materials, including but not limited to:


In the face of a widespread increase in the number of installation companies and growing demands, it is essential that customer service keep up with the new demands. The creation of a department exclusively dedicated to electrical cables has proved to be one of the company’s greatest assets in monitoring all the specialty projects.

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In fact, Electricol is the first distributor of electrical equipment to bet on this level of service and this type of technical advice. Which until then, was normally only available by cable manufacturers. Alongside the level of service in the cable business, permanent stocks remain crucial, facilitating all sales processes and enabling faster delivery (a highly valued factor in the market). In addition to low or medium voltage cables, Electricol has a large stock of special cables, making it one of the biggest references in this area for the national market. In fact, “Wires and cables today are an important component of our billing.”

INNOVATION IN SERVICE – Electrical switchboard (control, distribution, and AVAC).

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As for the main services available, those responsible highlights in the construction and assembly of electrical switchboards, through the Quadrimek brand. The execution of turnkey projects, ensuring full responsibility and quality of all manufactured componements supplied. “We have specialized professionals to build and assemble any kind of electrical switchboards, regardless of its size or specificity. We deliver everything ready to install. In this area, we can almost say that there are no complaints or deficiencies, which makes us very proud. ”


As a credible and mature wholesale electrical distributor, we focus on seriousness and professionalism. Electricol represents partners as relevant as Philips, Gewiss, Ledvance, Osram, Mazda, Kraus & Naimer, Navigator or Legrand. These partnerships instilled a desire to develop best practices in pursuit of perfection.

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Participation in major national works such as the Oeiras Ocean Pool, Oporto and Lisbon Metro, the Faculty of Sciences, El Corte Inglés, TMG-Textile Industry, or the Serra do Pilar Monastery (Vila Nova de Gaia). This reflects the accuracy, confidence, and professionalism that guide the entire performance of the company.
With customers, the Electricol’s lighting team takes a close and reliable approach, based in particular on the quality of technical support advice: “We have always sought to establish this differentiation. Here, our commercials play a vital role in fostering and developing the spirit of partnership between both parties.” Customer loyalty is, therefore, a constant.


Not least important is the group’s financial soundness, which allows it to support some more ambitious and higher investment projects while maintaining a considerable stock that in the end, minimizes delivery times and increases customer satisfaction levels.
Ensuring the satisfaction and well-being of its 40 employees is another goal that Electricol proposes itself. By making training an essential mission: “We count on some of our elements to foster and develop internal training actions”.


In the face of strong competition in the industry, leaders highlight the path of differentiation and specialization as the main future objective. Our projects are ambitious: “We must be prepared for the future, anticipating the possible evolution of markets and continue to focus on our skills to develop innovative and value-added products. Therefore, we will intensify our investments in power cables, broaden our range of medium/high voltage cables and permanently increase our stock of special cables. We will develop new projects in the field of electric cables, on an equal footing with the largest manufacturers. This is based upon the knowledge and technical capacity needed to advise and carry out successful solutions for our customers.

In the field of lighting, we are in the process of modernization. In fact, we will considerably increase the number of LED luminaires models produced in house. Besides that, we will focus on creating new private labels and developing a decorative line, sustained through our Tecniled brand. On the other hand, we will start an approach to the design market, in the area of ​​architecture and hospitality”, they conclude.

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